About Us

OOTB Solutions is a dynamic organization with a passion in IT especially internet services. Our passion drives us to providing better capability in handling and managing end-to-end IT services. We are one of the pioneer in Malaysia with helping various organization with their IT needs from SMEs, SMBs to MNCs. Customers can tap on our years of experience and strong expertise allowing you, the customer, to focus on your core business while be peace of mind knowing we will deliver. We provide cost effective and strategic delivery system from a broad perspective of IT solutions. We allow your unique business to scale according to technology that we implement from which we always provide forward thinking and future expansion.

Our Tagline
Out Of The Box solutions delivered in the most orthodox way with unorthodox thinking.

To provide solutions that is inline with our concept of OOTB where delivery is to customer satisfaction.

OOTB Solutions is dedicated to provide the technology, people and services our customers need to meet their business challenges and goals.

  • To leverage our customers business by providing quality technical solutions.
  • To meet competitive challenges in the marketplace.
  • To maximize stakeholder value.